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HubSpot Service Packages

Maximize the value of your HubSpot investment with our tailored service packages designed to help you get the most out of your HubSpot experience. Choose from the following four packages to suit your specific needs:


HubSpot Optimization & Training

This package is perfect for businesses looking to optimize their current HubSpot setup and equip their teams with the knowledge and skills to make the most of the platform. The package includes:

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • HubSpot tool optimization and cleanup
  • Implementation of new HubSpot tools
  • Assistance with additional hub purchases
  • Integration identification and implementation
  • SOP development and virtual HubSpot SOP training

HubSpot Implementation & Onboarding

Ideal for businesses new to HubSpot, this package will provide you with a smooth onboarding experience and ensure your platform is set up for success. The package includes:

  • Full platform migration and data cleanup
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • HubSpot tool implementation
  • Account creation and access
  • Data preparation and HubSpot property alignment
  • Integration identification and implementation
  • SOP development and virtual HubSpot SOP training

HubSpot Maintenance 

Keep your HubSpot portal running smoothly and efficiently with our maintenance package, which includes regular reviews and updates to ensure optimal performance. The package includes:

  • Monthly duplicate record management
  • Automation error review
  • Integration error review
  • Marketing contact management
  • HubSpot feature updates/release preparation
  • Monthly maintenance report

Why Choose Maramba Consulting?

As a business leader, you understand the value of choosing the right partner to optimize your company's HubSpot experience. Maramba Consulting is the preferred choice for anyone seeking a results-driven HubSpot partner with deep expertise in B2B sales. Here's why:

  1. B2B Sales Expertise: We specialize in customizing HubSpot solutions to meet the unique needs of B2B sales teams. We work closely with CEOs and their sales leaders to develop a comprehensive understanding of your sales processes and goals. This enables us to create a tailored strategy that aligns with your objectives and maximizes the value of your HubSpot investment.
  2. Customized Solutions: We take the time to get to know your business, your sales processes, and your goals, enabling us to create a tailored HubSpot strategy that aligns with your unique requirements.
  3. Sales Culture Focus: We recognize that a healthy sales culture is essential for success. Our team works closely with your organization to foster an environment that motivates and empowers your sales team to excel.
  4. Performance Metrics Tracking: We believe in the importance of measuring progress and results. Our approach includes tracking key performance metrics, ensuring your sales team's efforts align with your business objectives and deliver desired outcomes.
  5. Proven Results: Our successful track record of working with B2B sales teams demonstrates our ability to deliver tangible improvements in lead generation, conversion rates, and overall sales performance through optimized HubSpot usage.

Maramba Consulting is the HubSpot partner you can trust to deliver customized, results-driven solutions for your B2B sales team. Experience the difference for yourself – book a free, no-obligation consultation today and unlock the Full Potential of HubSpot for Your B2B Sales Team.